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UX Team Officially Moved to SharePoint

June 25, 2013

At the end of spring quarter 2013 we got a unanimous “thumbs up” for keeping the UX Team Site in SharePoint.  The main page, shown in the screenshot below, provides links to all the tools, as well as a Discussion Board, a White Board, Shared Documents, and of course, the Issue Trackers. We’re discontinuing using this blog, but we’ll keep it live and link to it so we can revisit earlier posts.


Testing the UX Team Site on SharePoint

January 29, 2013

Most of you know I’ve been testing creating a truly interactive site on the library’s SharePoint site. I know we have not had any formal training on SharePoint yet, but I’ve tried to set the page up in a way that will provide access without being intimidating.

Using Internet Explorer, here’s the link to the UX Team site. If you’re prompted to log in, use your regular username and password:

Here’s a quick-and-dirty video I made to introduce you to the features:

If the trial period works, we’ll have formal training.

Minutes for Meeting 10/29/12

October 29, 2012

SharePoint presentation by KM.

Last Spring MB wanted the web committee to investigate and make recommendations on the libraries use of SharePoint. Kitty has been using Google Docs and duplicating the information in SharePoint. It will be easier for her to report the work of the committee using SharePoint but to try and make sure everyone has had access to the information the committee has continued using Google Docs. ITS has promised to keep SharePoint.
SharePoint works best in IE. Some functionality is missing with FireFox. Appears to work well in Safari.

To log in to SharePoint on a computer that you have logged in with Clark credentials you only need to type http://my.

To log in to SharePoint on any other computer you will need to go to:

We took a look at the CTC team site.

Pictures are discoverable on SharePoint using a keyword search. SharePoint also allows users to add metadata to pictures, set alerts for work tasks, and change permissions for different ‘folders’ or groups.

To access the units SharePoint site (or any Clark Team) you can go to for a complete list.

KM started a shared document in the library team site. Each department in the library has their own ‘bucket’ or ‘folder’ (group). We need to decide on a style guide.

SharePoint pulls names and information from the Outlook distribution list.
Theoretically when names are added or dropped from the Outlook list the permissions will be changed automatically.

UX committee is going to be using SharePoint for UX committee business as a test.

Link to meeting agenda for additional notes:

Minutes for Meeting October 15th

October 16, 2012

New name: UX Committee
Our purpose has moved beyond supporting just the website.
Kitty will remain chair, we all agreed. Recorder will change for each meeting.
Updated flowchart to say ‘UX Committee Charge’ and updated the charge.

What does communication mean for the UX Committee?

  • Communicate with our whole Unit
  • Share meeting minutes on ccdrupal, share link through email
  • Serve as the liaison for our area (Julie, reference and instruction; Amanda, access services; Alex, technical services)

How to we communicate about the work we are doing on the website/social media?

  • Share our projects, data, progress, etc. through ccdrupal (reports, links, editing logs, tools, etc.)
  • All changes are logged through the committee, except for the class guides.

Flowchart for changes/fixes/additions

  • No matter what you do, make sure there is a second pair of eyes to check for mistakes.
  • Update content if you are the adopter of the page. If not, talk to the page adopter.
  • Major changes go to the committee (through the editing link).

Web committee purpose:

  • review editing logs
  • make/assign fixes as needed
  • discuss ideas and suggestions
  • explore options for moving forward
  • record brief discussion notes and resolutions on the individual form logs
  • maintain communications via liaisons and ccdrupal blog

Website editing log

  • colors assigned to different people
  • can add ‘resolution, suggester follow up, assigned to, or project notes’ columns to rows from the Google website editing log form

New Web Page

  • staff only link, suggest new webpage, provide details, link to draft from testing site

New website link
Clearinghouse workbook
Keeps track of websites added/deleted, etc.
Web file manager, keeps track of PDF links
Website style guide
Drupal files stored in Common Drive. Also, ‘Web Site’ folder with files.
Future Drupal updates. Drupal 7, use the testing site to try it out. Decide when to switch, is it worth the switch? We are just now getting used to Drupal 6. But Drupal 7 will have new features.

IRIS tutorials

Bob’s class, this Thursday, will be doing the IRIS usability testing, as a focus group. Update the interface, create quizzes for each module, remodel. 2-4 in AA4 103. We can all attend (Kitty, Pavel, Amanda, Julie, Alex).

Social Media
Merging Twitter accounts. Direct @CTCiCommons and @Cannell_Library to new Twitter account.
Amanda and Julie will work on merging Twitter. Sending out new name ideas.
Merge blogs, but tag with CTC or Cannell. (both if relevant to both, if just one, put the location in the title “CTC: lsjasdlf”

The Blog. Wendy and Amanda can manage spam comments.
Alex is creating a link button for Clark College Libraries and a new header for the blog. Will check the school’s image bank.

Facebook. Amanda will try to change the facebook name.
Ask Kim if we can have ad space to the Independent to promote social media.

Adding Streaming Videos and Keeping Track of Licence Expiration Dates

August 30, 2012

I just added a newly purchased streaming video America in the 20th Century: The Cold War (video) to our website.   Per Library Website decision individual FMG videos such as this one are added as Drupal Content Type “Websites”, but are TAGGED with Global Subject Area  “Streaming Videos” and with Global Content Type: “Videos” (for more details see ).

There are two issues that I discovered during this process:

1.  Even though FMG videos pages are Drupal Content Type websites, they are not listed in the Clearinghouse Workbook (Google Drive) under Websites tab.  Hence, my suggestion is to create another tab in this workbook that would list streaming videos and their updated descriptions and a column with license expiration date for each streaming videos (currently included in the full description of the Drupal page for each FMG video).

2.  As we add more individual streaming videos to our library catalog and our Drupal website, we need to keep track of renewal dates to a) examine the need to renew and b) allocate appropriate funds from the video budget for these renewals and c) make sure that we update the renewals in a timely fashion to provide uninterrupted access for our patrons.

I am not sure whether or not Clearinghouse Workbook is going to move from Google Drive to SharePoint, but wherever it ends up being, please, let’s make sure we keep track of streaming videos info in case we need to restore information due to an “accidental mouse click” type of emergency between our regular website backups. :-) Also, we need to add instructions on adding streaming videos to Library Website to our How-To Guides on staff wiki.

Continuous Improvement Report July 2012

August 30, 2012

Here is what our Website Committee Chairperson e-mailed us on July 12, 2012:

Hi everyone,

I just finished tallying up the statistics for the continuous improvement on the library’s website. Are you ready for this? OK, here goes!

During academic year 2011-2012, library staff tallied a total of 558 items using the “staff only” link.
Of these, 491, or 88%, were completed and closed

Of the remaining 67 items, several are just awaiting the “second pair of eyes” as a double check before closing. Some of the projects are ongoing, some require decisions from others, some are related to Drupal. Probably half could be dispensed with if two or three of us locked ourselves away with caffeine and snacks for an afternoon :-)

In addition, staff logged requests for 26 new pages; of these 16, or 62% have been created and published.

If your suggestion or page hasn’t been addressed yet, be assured we’ll check them all off eventually, and I thank you for your patience!

To see the logs:

This is the first full year for which we had a web committee, with representatives from all library service areas, overseeing the updates and changes to the website. I believe that it was a great success, and represents a big step forward in our library.

When we get back together in the fall I’ll be asking for feedback about how you like the “staff only” link, and any other ideas you might have for being involved in the website.

My most sincere THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to making our website so awesome!

Kitty :-)


Minutes for June 5th, 2012

June 7, 2012

Please note: There are no meeting minutes for May 29th because that meeting was cancelled.

Here are the minutes for the June 5th meeting as recorded by WC:

How to upload files to Drupal: Linking pdfs to individual pages instructions are on the wiki and in the website editing binders. Instructions to add to the universal Web File Manager have not been completed. The Web File Manager is available in the login window at the bottom left of each page once staff have logged in. Quick Instructions: Upload the file at the bottom of the Web File Manager, get the link from the metadata to place it on every desired page, then follow the instructions for placing the file in the common drive and in the website pdf Clearinghouse. Full instructions to follow via PP.

RD will place the COMPASS handout on a COMPASS How-To page.

Tags: We reviewed “Open Access” for journals. We will only use “Reading” and “Writing” for English resources. “Website” was determined to be a redundant content-type tag because all dynamically generated lists are based on the page type, but a content-type tag is required to be selected so we will continue to use it in cases where a website is not articles/videos/ebooks etc but is literally only a website. RD will not tag “JSTOR” as a “website”.

Front Page second-footer mockup: a brown bar with a slight white line between it and the blue footer was preferred. Three centered white links, 30 Clicks – News & Events (the “more” link below the blog feed) – Site Feedback were preferred. Everyone should review it this week before it can go live. Committee members are responsible for previewing it with their own departments. KM will match browns.

Front Page articles tab: Changing multiple tab titles to Clark Books+, Summit Books+, and Articles+ was proposed. Committee members voted to only change the Articles+ tab at this time. KM will send out the draft to everyone. PP will make the changes over the quarter break.

Library of Congress Classification System page: JC requested we add LCSH somewhere on the page for ease of searching.

CTC Self-Guided Tour: Looks great.

Subject Page Sidebars: KM previewed new sidebars for the general subject pages. KM and RD will go through the subjects and assign stray subjects to their general areas. There will not be time to do this in the next 3 weeks, so this will be revisited in future.


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